Spiritual Counseling

Finding what spirituality means for you and your discovering what awarenesses and practices can help you connect to your loving spiritual heart and source.

spiritual counseling

My perspective is that our spirituality is who we are - our spirit, our center, our energy, our life force, our soul.  It's how we connect with and express our loving nature, and can guide us to the vision or purpose we have for our life.  I see love as the heart of spirituality.  

We can express our spirituality through many ways: nature, hobby or occupation, service, a relationship with others, the universe, a loving consciousness or divine source, etc.  The form you choose can be your unique way of expressing that loving part of you. 

I can work with many expressions of spirituality as long as they come from a framework of loving.


 What may block us are negative thoughts and feelings, negative conditioning and judgments.  


My role is to help you to identify and let go of whatever may be blocking your awareness and growth, and then connect more fully with your inner loving and spiritual heart.   You can create those experiences and practices that will  help you to move forward in greater awareness and expression of your unique spirituality, perhaps also in service to others.

Our choices and perspectives largely determine the quality of our life. We are responsible for how we choose to perceive ourself, others and events, and for the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold onto.   

Also, if relevant, we will be working with challenges that may arise from everyday events and issues, and focus on the present. 


An important aspect of doing inner work is to build strong self-support and nurturing skills. 



For those drawn to expressing their spirituality through a relationship with Spirit/God, I see God as a loving consciousness.  Our nature or soul is loving.  So loving is what connects us with Spirit/God.

I recommend doing all things with an intention for the highest good of all concerned - recognizing that we may not always be aware of what may be possible for us and others involved. 



In my own journey, I have moved from participating in a conventional religion through the teens, to 30 years of agnostic perspective, to awakening to the presence of a divine loving Source in my life.  

Through this time, I have learned that connecting with my spirituality, with God, comes largely from my experience of God in my life, not from specific beliefs or information about God.  

I believe each one of us has inner wisdom that knows what is the best direction for each one of us.  Negativity can also cloud our awareness of our inner wisdom.  See note about inner wisdom below.


A note about inner wisdom

Inner thoughts can come from many sources:  inner wisdom, memories, ego, past resentments, negative conditioning, etc.  In evaluating whether or not those inner thoughts or direction are coming from inner wisdom, I use the guideline of "Don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others.  Stay positive."  

Ego may present some fantastic ideas, but they may not be realistic, feasible or wise to do.  It is important to test and check out everything that comes up, without rushing into anything. 




Where is God?

Some people say, "I go to church and pray, but I don't feel God."

  However, if we spend a lot of our thinking or feeling focused on worry, criticism and judgments, that is what we'll experience - worry, criticism and judgments.  We're not likely to experience God's loving presence or support because we are preoccupied with worry, criticism and judgments.  

We need to stop the 'static interference' of worry, criticism and judgments and be silent inside, connect with our loving and have an open channel to listen and receive.



Audio: Finding the Spirit Within - 7:26 min.

Moving away from beliefs and toward experiencing a connection to find the Spirit within.

spirituality FAQ


For some, spirituality can provide a connection with what they see as a higher purpose, an integration with a oneness and a wholeness, an expansion of consciousness and an openness to loving service.

By taking an altitude view of our life, we can look at why we are here, what our purpose is or what we are here to learn.

Your Spirituality - Frequent questions:

  - Is it providing me a strong foundation?

  - Does my life have meaning and purpose?

- Do I feel connected with my inner source?

- Do I experience a loving, divine source in my life?

- How can I bring more Light into my life?

- What is this unexplainable emptiness I'm experiencing, like something is missing  in my life although I seem to have what I want?

 It can be difficult to feel connected with others if we don't have a clear  connection with our self, our center.


general information about counseling services

General Information About Services

I look forward to being of assistance in whatever way may be helpful to you. 

Free introductory 30-minute phone informational consultation


Office in Mt. Airy - Philadelphia, PA

Or Zoom sessions


- Introductory rate:  $25 an hour for the first two one-hour sessions.

- Regular rate: $80 for 60 minutes

Hours by appointment


Gift certificates are available.  A sliding fee scale is available upon request (after Special Introductory Rate ends).


'Keys for Creating a Positive Life' are integrated into Spiritual Counseling.   For more information, please see 'Keys for a Positive Life' page.

Counseling and training in Keys for Creating a Positive Life can be a supportive supplement for those working with psychotherapists and dealing with more in-depth issues such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, crisis, trauma, addictions, etc. 

If a significant issue surfaces during counseling, referral for psychotherapy may be recommended.