What is 'Creating Your Positive Life'?

It is a way of looking at and being in your life - realizing that you can shape much of your daily experience  and your long-term vision by your choices and perspectives. 

Creating Balance and Joy in Your Life - Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual

keys for creating a positive life - basic principles


For Groups or Individuals

What are you doing?
What is it doing to you? 

Negative habits can sabotage us without our realizing it. 

We can create negatively or positively for ourself. 

Peace and calm are an inner process, regardless of outer events.  We can provide greater peace and calm for ourselves.  This control is in our hands.  We can do it by strengthening our inner foundation and providing consistent inner support and nourishment.  

To do this, we look at what doesn't work - the judgments, self-criticisms, limiting beliefs, etc.  And move to the thoughts, feelings  and actions that are affirming, supporting and loving - on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 


What do you create in your life - upset, conflict, separation - or harmony, balance, peace, joy?  

Identify what is not working.  

 If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll get the same results.

We need to change our behavior - the negative and self-defeating thoughts, feelings and actions - and actively choose and do those that are positive, self-supportive and nurturing.

The more you do the positive practices, the more you let go of the old patterns and start to build the new positive, self-nurturing ones.


mirror, mirror


When you look in a mirror, what DO you say to yourself? 

 If it is something like "You're too fat, too old, too ugly," you may feel 'down' and de-energized from criticizing and discouraging yourself.   (creating negatively)

Try it again.  Look in the mirror, right into your eyes.  Say a self-appreciation.  For example, "I like your smile."  "Thank you for putting pretty flowers on the table last night." "I appreciate you for persevering and raising three children."  "You did a great job completing that long-term project." "I see a very generous person."  "I love you."     (creating positively) 


How do you feel after saying that to yourself?  

Focus on it for a minute.

We can create negatively against ourself  


we can create positively for ourself.


Acceptance     Compassion








 Is your daily focus on LACK, WORRY?

  • What you don't have now - abilities, relationships, possessions, etc.
  • What you didn't get done or didn't accomplish today, this year, etc.
  • "If only ... " - living in the past,  regrets
  • "What if such and such happens  ... " - living in the future, in anxiety



  • What you DO have now - abilities, relationships, possessions, etc.
  • What you DID get done or DID accomplish today, this year, etc.
  • What is present in your life now and what is needed now.
  • What your vision is for your purpose for your life - the  direction you want to move in.

You can create a positive life! 


what is our focus?



A major question for all areas is:   what is our focus? 

On the negative or on the positive? 

For example, a change in physical ability may mean there is a loss in some aspect of our mobility.  We can put our focus on what we can’t do or on what we can do.  Both may be true. 

Focusing on the negative of anything can keep us feeling miserable. 

Focusing on the positive helps us to stay healthier, to feel more peaceful and to move forward. 

It really is a choice. 

Self-stress or self-support?

- the kind we create for ourselves by using a negative perspective of how we look at and respond to ourselves, others and events in our daily life.


- letting go of  self-criticisms, judgments, expectations, self-limiting beliefs, the need for control, etc.

- moving to self-nurturing and self-care, positive perspectives and practices . 

Energy work, body work and medication can provide relief for the physical symptoms of stress.

Creating a Positive Life can help resolve causes of self-stress by moving to self-support. 


Research shows:

  • Over 75% of illnesses are stress-related. 
  • Negative thoughts and feelings, especially prolonged ones, can be harmful to our  health, stimulating our stress hormones that can dampen our immune system.      
  • Positive  thoughts and feelings enhance our health, promoting the release of  endorphins in our body for a sense of calm and well-being. 

We feel better when we feel positive.  



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