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'Keys for 

Creating a Positive Life'

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Call (484) 416-3828 for information, appointments

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Office is in Mt Airy - Philadelphia, PA

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Jan Collins, M.Ed.



Special Counseling Introductory Rate

$25 for an hour  in Mt. Airy-Philadelphia, PA  office

- available for the first two one-hour sessions 

Hours by appointment


A free introductory 30-minute phone informational consultation for counseling


View yourself and your life
through the eyes of Love and Compassion
instead of judgments and criticisms.



Acceptance     Compassion




How do I view my life and my experiences?

What choices am I making in my life now?

We are responsible for our focus and our choices.


Integrating the physical, emotional, mental 

 and spiritual  aspects of your life - a holistic approach