Heart-Centered Counseling

Because our focus and choices are within our control, we can let go of the negative baggage that may be holding us down and blocking our access to our inner loving. We can move beyond them in a self-affirming direction, and step into our greater potential.

heart-centered counseling

Judgments, criticisms, worries, fears, unforgiveness -  I have found that these types of negativity can block us from experiencing our inherent loving nature and moving toward our goals and vision for our life..

When we let go of negativity, we start opening to our beauty inside, and our positive loving nature and abilities.  We can connect with our personal center, our own spirit - a source of great strength and peace.  



I believe each person has their own inner wisdom and answers within. My role is to help identify what is not working and to develop awarenesses to access  that wisdom so you can make clearer choices toward the direction you want to move for your life.  (See note about inner wisdom below.)


Our choices and perspectives largely determine the quality of our life. We are responsible for how we choose to perceive ourself, others and events, and for the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold onto.  

Regardless of outer circumstances, we can keep our calm and peace.  If we believe our inner state is dependent on outer events, we keep ourselves in a victim state.



We will be working with how you view, value and respond to yourself, others and the world around you so you can let go of limiting beliefs, judgments and negative conditioning that may be blocking your awareness and growth.

To make clearer choices, we can identify current priorities and goals, work with challenges that may arise from everyday events and issues, and focus on the present.  

Also, we can bring into alignment the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life so that they support you and help you to advance in your vision for your life.


 An important aspect of doing inner work is to build strong self-support and nurturing skills.



A note about inner wisdom

Inner thoughts can come from many sources:  inner wisdom, memories, ego, past resentments, negative conditioning, etc.  In evaluating whether or not those inner thoughts or direction are coming from inner wisdom, I use the guideline of "Don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others.  Stay positive."  

Ego may present some fantastic ideas, but they may not be realistic, feasible or wise to do.  It is important to test and check out everything that comes up, without rushing into anything.



keys for opening to your loving self


 Acceptance of self - accepting and loving all aspects of ourself, including our 'flaws'- unconditional love

  • Conditional love:  I'll love  myself after I lose this weight.
  • Unconditional love - I love myself as I am now, during  and after my weight change program regardless of the outcome.

Understanding and Compassion - for how we got to where we are now

  • When have we intentionally picked the 'wrong' choice or decision?
  • We're each doing the best we can given what we know and have at the time we make our choices - and the dilemmas or pressures we perceived then. We still need to handle consequences. 

Forgiveness - forgive ourselves for holding onto negative judgments against ourself and others.

  Commitment to self—to encourage and support rather than criticize .


Forgiving Ourself

Forgiving our judgments that can block us from the awareness of our loving self.

general information about counseling services

General Information About Services
I look forward to being of assistance in whatever way may be helpful to you. 

Free introductory 30-minute phone informational consultation

Office in Mt. Airy - Philadelphia, PA

Or Zoom sessions


 - Introductory rate: $25 an hour for the first two one-hour sessions.

 - Regular rate: $80 for 60 minutes

Hours by appointment


Gift certificates are available.  A sliding fee scale is available upon request (after Special Introductory Rate ends).   


'Keys for Creating a Positive Life' are integrated into Heart-Centered Counseling.   For more information, please see 'Keys for a Positive Life' page.

Counseling and training in Keys for Creating a Positive Life can be a supportive supplement for those working with psychotherapists and dealing with more in-depth issues such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, crisis, trauma, addictions, etc. 

If a significant issue surfaces during counseling, referral for psychotherapy may be recommended.