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Counseling Services


Special Introductory Rate

$25 for an hour 
in Mt. Airy office
(available for first two sessions  until September 20, 2019)


Heart-Centered Counseling
Spiritual Counseling

Training in Keys for 
Creating a Positive Life

Love is the nature of our center, our soul.


View yourself and your life
through the eyes of Love and Compassion
instead of judgments and criticisms.

Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness



Consider that each of us is always doing
 the best we can at any moment,
given what we know, have and can do.


Consider that every new event or challenge in our life
 is an opportunity for learning and growth
moving us to higher levels.

Consider that the key to our upsets
 and their healing
 is an inner process,
regardless of outer events.

Integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
aspects of your life.



"In the span of just one session, Jan helped me recognize self-defeating behaviors and emotions that I had been experiencing without even knowing it for more than twenty years.  She helped me to re-orient to my body's most basic needs, and to nurture the body, rather than fight it.

The changes that I made after our session were genuinely transformative.  They helped bring about a major improvement in my health and sense of well-being.  I cannot thank her enough."

P. Berman




Heart-Centered Counseling

It's not about creating a "new you."
It's about opening to the beautiful, loving you that already is here.

When you were born, likely people oohed and aahed over you, "How sweet!  How adorable!"  That 'you' is still here.  It may have gotten overshadowed by difficult experiences, diminishing learnings and the like.  Yet, that 'you' is still here.

Judgments, criticisms, worries, fears, unforgiveness -  I have found that these types of negativity can block us from experiencing our inherent loving nature.***

When we let go of negativity, we start opening to our beauty inside, and our loving. By clearing the blocks and focusing on our positive, loving nature and abilities, we can connect with our personal center, our own spirit - a source of great strength and peace.   From that center, we can also experience a connection with others, community and the broader world around us, including positive universal energy - by whatever name - Higher Power, Spirit, Cosmos, Universal Love, Loving Consciousness, God.

I believe each person has their own inner wisdom and answers within. My role is to help develop awarenesses and clear blocks to that wisdom so you can make clearer choices toward the direction you want to move for your life.

Our choices and perspectives largely determine the quality of our life. Regardless of outer circumstances, we can keep our calm and peace.  If we believe our inner state is dependent on outer events, we keep ourselves in a victim state.

We are responsible for how we choose to perceive ourself, others and events, and for the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold onto.  These choices can determine how much or how little discomfort and suffering we experience on a daily basis.  

Through compassion, we can understand what brought us to make a certain choice (the dilemmas or pressures we perceived). Yet we are still responsible for the choices and any resulting consequences.  They are another learning opportunity for the next time.

Because these choices are within our control, we can let go of the negative baggage that may be holding us down and blocking our access to our inner loving: the self-criticisms, the discouraging perspectives and the unforgiving positions.  We can move beyond them in a self-affirming direction, and step into our greater potential.

How can you experience anyone's love

- your own, others' or God's -

if you criticize yourself or others,

 worry about the past or future

or hold onto unforgiving positions?

We are responsible for our focus and our choices.


Our Loving Nature 

As an experiment, focus for a minute on someone or something that brings up loving feelings inside you.  It may be a child, a spouse, a pet, a beautiful scene in nature, music, art.  (If you have conflicting feelings for someone, choose someone else, e.g. if currently feel irritation about a loved spouse.) For an actual minute, focus on those feelings of love for someone or something.

Now - what does that feel like in your body?  Focus on it for a minute before reading further.  Common responses are: sensations of warmth, relaxation, softness, peace.  In contrast, when you have felt angry, what does that feel like in your body?  Common responses are tension, tight muscles, headaches, stomach acid, stressed.  My conclusion is that my body is telling me to stay away from the negative areas, and to spend my time as much as possible in positive, loving energy.

Our physical being seems to be reflecting a core message that being loving may be our natural, healthy state, inherent in our make-up.  

Medical research seems to confirm this as it indicates that prolonged negative feelings can affect our health by stimulating our own stress hormones, which can
 hamper our immune system.  Positive thoughts and feelings are supportive for health through stimulating our endorphins.  

I see the body as a reflection of the Soul - being grounded in loving.  The body also is a link for experiencing our spirituality - through breathing, chanting, etc.


Keys for Opening to Your Loving Self

Acceptance of self - accepting and loving all aspects of ourself, including our 'flaws'- unconditional love
  • Conditional love:  I'll love myself after I lose this weight.
  • Unconditional love - I love myself as I am now, during and after my weight change program regardless of the outcome.

Understanding and Compassion - for how we got to where we are now
  • When have we intentionally picked the 'wrong' choice or decision?
  • We're each doing the best we can given what we know and have at the time we make our choices.
Forgiveness - forgive ourselves for holding onto negative judgments against ourself and others

Commitment to self—to encourage and support rather than criticize


Spiritual Counseling

My perspective is that our spirituality is who we are - our spirit, our center, our energy, our life force, our soul.  It's how we connect with and express our loving nature, and can guide us to the vision or purpose we have for our life.  I see love as the heart of spirituality.  

We can express our spirituality through many ways: nature, hobby or occupation, service, a relationship with others, the universe, a loving consciousness or divine source, etc.  The form you choose can be your unique way of expressing that loving part of you.  I can work with many expressions of spirituality as long as they come from a framework of loving.

For those drawn to expressing their spirituality through a relationship with Spirit/God, I see God as a loving consciousness.  Our nature or soul is loving.  So loving is what connects us with Spirit/God.

I recommend doing all things with an intention for the highest good of all concerned - recognizing that we may not always be aware of what may be possible for us and others involved.

I believe that we all have a loving nature and that we can connect with that loving and express it in our lives in many ways.  What may block us are negative thoughts and feelings, negative conditioning and judgments.  

In my own journey, I have moved from participating in a conventional religion through the teens, to 30 years of agnostic perspective, to awakening to the presence of a divine loving Source in my life.  Through this time, I have learned that connecting with my spirituality, with God, comes largely from my experience of God in my life, not from specific beliefs or information about God.   I believe each one of us has inner wisdom that knows what is the best direction for each one of us.  Negativity can also cloud our awareness of our inner wisdom.  See note about inner wisdom below.


A note about inner wisdom

Inner thoughts can come from many sources:  inner wisdom, memories, ego, past resentments, negative conditioning, etc.  In evaluating whether or not those inner thoughts or direction are coming from inner wisdom, I use the guideline of "Don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others.  Stay positive."  Ego may present some fantastic ideas, but they may not be realistic, feasible or wise to do.  It is important to test and check out everything that comes up, without rushing into anything.

Where is God?

Some people say, "I go to church and pray, but I don't feel God."  However, if we spend a lot of our thinking or feeling focused on worry, criticism and judgments, that is what we'll experience - worry, criticism and judgments.  We're not likely to experience God's loving presence or support because we are preoccupied with worry, criticism and judgments.  We need to stop the 'static interference' of worry, criticism and judgments and be silent inside, connect with our loving and have an open channel to listen and receive. 


Awakening to the Spirit Within

What is it all about?

Click on left arrow for audio - 7:25 minutes.


For some, spirituality can provide a connection with what they see as a higher purpose, an integration with a oneness and a wholeness, an expansion of consciousness and an openness to loving service.

By taking an altitude view of our life, we can look at why we are here, what our purpose is or what we are here to learn.

Your Spirituality - Frequent questions:

 - Is it providing me a strong foundation?

 - Does my life have meaning and purpose?

 - Do I feel connected with my inner source?

 - Do I experience a loving, divine source in my life?

 - How can I bring more Light into my life?

 - What is this unexplainable emptiness I'm experiencing, like something is missing in my life although I seem to have what I want?

It can be difficult to feel connected with others if we don't have a clear connection with our self, our center.


Training in Keys for
 Creating a Positive Life

for Groups or Individuals

What are you doing?
What is it doing to you? 

Negative habits can sabotage us without our realizing it.

We can create negatively or positively for ourself.

Peace and healing are an inner process, regardless of outer events.  We can provide greater calm and peace for ourselves.  This control is in our hands.  We can do it by strengthening our inner foundation and providing consistent inner support and nourishment.  To do this, we look at what doesn't work - the judgments, self-criticisms, limiting beliefs, etc.  And move to the thoughts, feelings  and actions that are affirming, supporting and loving on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

What do you create in your life - upset, conflict, separation - or harmony, balance, peace, joy?  Identify what is not working.  

If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll get the same results.  We need to change our behavior - the negative and self-defeating thoughts, feelings and actions - and actively choose and do those that are positive, self-supportive and nurturing.  The more you do the positive practices, the more you let go of the old patterns and start to build the new positive, self-nurturing ones. 

When you look in a mirror, what DO you say to yourself?
 If it is "You're too fat, too old, too bald," you may feel 'down' and de-energized from criticizing and discouraging yourself.   (creating negatively)

Try it again.  Look in the mirror, right into your eyes.  Say a self-appreciation.  For example, "I like your smile."  "Thank you for putting flowers on the table last night." "I appreciate you for persevering and raising three children."  "Great job completing that long-term project." "I see a very generous person."  "I love you."     (creating positively)

How do you feel after saying that to yourself?  Focus on it for a minute.

We can create negatively against ourself
or we can create positively for ourself.


Self-stress - the kind we create for ourselves by how we look at and respond to ourselves, others and events in our daily life.

Energy work, body work and medication can provide relief for the physical symptoms of stress.

Creating a Positive Life

can help to resolve causes of self-stress - letting go of judgments, expectations, self-limiting beliefs, need for control, etc. and moving to self-support and self-care.

Research shows:

  • Over 75% of illnesses are stress-related.
  • Negative thoughts and feelings, especially prolonged ones, can be harmful to our health, stimulating our stress hormones that can dampen our immune system.
  • Positive thoughts and feelings enhance our health, promoting the release of endorphins in our body for a sense of calm and well-being.
We feel better when we feel positive.


Is your daily focus on LACK, WORRY?

  • What you don't have now - abilities, relationships, possessions, etc.
  • What you didn't get done or accomplish today, this year, etc.
  • "If only ... " - living in the past, in regrets
  • "What if such and such happens  ... " - living in the future, in anxiety

  • What you DO have now - abilities, relationships, possessions, etc.
  • What you DID get done or accomplish today, this year, etc.
  • What is present in your life now and what is needed now.
  • What your vision is for your purpose for your life - the direction you want to move in.

You can create a positive life!


For your organization:

Keys for Creating a Positive Life
 Class Series

8-week series of two hours each class

Learn the fundamental principles 

Creating Your Positive Life

 Please see Workshops at Your Site.


General Information About Services

I look forward to being of assistance in whatever way may be helpful to you.

Heart-Centered Counseling provides keys to how you view, value and respond to yourself, others and the world around you.  We will be working with how you view and respond to challenges that may arise from everyday events and issues, and focus on the present.  

To make clearer choices, w
e can identify and clear areas that may be blocking your awareness and growth, and move forward into those perspectives and actions that allow you to open to your loving potential and expansion.   Also, we can bring into alignment the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life so that they support your inner spirit and help you to advance in your vision for your life.

An important aspect of doing inner work is to have or build strong self-support and nurturing skills.

Spiritual Counseling
 is available if you want to further explore connecting more fully with your inner loving and spiritual heart, or with Spirit/God, and clearing blocks to recognizing, accessing and expressing that loving and joy in service to yourself and others.  You can create those experiences that will enhance your ability to express from your spiritual loving heart.

Counseling and training in  Keys for Creating a Positive Life can be a supportive supplement for those working with psychotherapists and dealing with more in-depth issues such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, crisis, trauma, addictions, etc.

If a significant issue surfaces during counseling, referral for psychotherapy may be recommended.


Free introductory 30-minute phone informational consultation

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A sliding fee scale is available upon request (after Special Introductory Rate ends).


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