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How do I view life and all my experiences?

What choices am I making in my life now?

We are responsible for our choices.

Are you ready to make a commitment now

to yourself and to your future?

How can you experience anyone's love
- your own, others' or God's -
if you criticize and judge yourself or others,
  worry about the past or the future, 

or hold onto unforgiving positions?


Jan Collins presented a program at our center titled "Are You Encouraging Yourself or Discouraging Yourself?" 

I enjoyed Jan's program and as someone who gives programs myself was impressed by the flow of her presentation.  The evaluations of the members who attended this presentation were also excellent.

I do recommend Jan's programs; she has a natural flow and grace to her presentations. 

Pam Jones, RN, BS, HNC
Integrative Therapy Nurse
Mercerville, NJ


Training in Keys for
Creating a Positive Life

Class Series or Individual Topics

In many ways, we can create and provide what we need to help and nourish ourself.   We can do something right now to improve our own personal, daily experience.  We can do it for ourselves.  We don't have to wait for someone or something else to change.

Negative patterns and outlook can drain energy and affect health, productivity, relationships and self-confidence.

  • A key is to strengthen all aspects of our life - the physical, emotional and mental areas - to support and nurture that part that keeps us going every day - our enthusiasm, our spirit, our center, our soul - by whatever name we recognize it.  All aspects of ourself need to work together.  
  • We can develop stronger self-confidence and a more balanced inner center through support, acceptance and love.
  • Negativity can block us from giving and receiving love.

  You can create a positive life!


Presentation topics can be customized for your group.  For presentations, depending on the scope of the topic explored, the format can be a one-hour presentation, a longer one-time workshop or a series of classes.  Presentation content is subject to change depending on group size and needs.  List of organizations were Jan has given presentations are on the Site List page.

Keys for a Creating a Positive Life
 Class Series

8-week series of two hours each class

Learn the fundamental principles 

Creating Your Positive Life


Positive Self-Talk and Self-Support
Relationship with Your Body
and More

For more information, contact 

or 484-416-3828.


Individual Topics include:

Life Changes - SOS!
  • Whether about the economy or another type of life change, find the inner strength, the balance to move through these changes and events with renewed energy and stride.
  • Look at how you view and respond to outside events, relationships and yourself.
  • Learn the basics for re-building confidence and determination, regardless of what's going on.  Apply the tools consistently for immediate results. (similar to doing deep breathing and quickly feeling calm)
  • A key is to strengthen the physical, emotional and mental areas of our life to support the part that keeps us going everyday - our enthusiasm, our spirit, our center, our soul - however we recognize it.

Creating Positive Aging

  • What does 'aging' mean for you?  Is it scary or does it hold new possibilities?
  • Do you look back at your life with criticism or self-appreciation? 
  • Do you view the unknown with apprehension or see challenges as an opportunity to expand your strengths?  
  • How can you maintain your spirit when challenges arise?
  • How can we move into these next years with tools to give ourselves a more peaceful and positive journey? 

10 Ways for Feeling Good about Yourself

Who is your toughest critic?  It's time to proclaim you're better than all that!  At the end of the day, do you look only at what you haven't done - instead of all that you have accomplished?  Do you appreciate the fine traits you have?  Yes, you.  Explore many ways to better reflect the qualities of that cute face in the mirror and to provide loving support for yourself. 

Opening to Your Loving Self
  • Blocks to loving?  Drop the negative baggage that holds you back.
  • Acceptance and Unconditional Love
  • Open more fully to your inner joy and positive loving self.

Awakening to the Spirit Within
 - Deepening your relationship with 
    your spiritual nature, your spiritual consciousness

  • Is your spirituality providing you a strong foundation?
  • Do you feel connected with your inner source?
  • Is there a loving, divine presence in your life?

Creating Your Positive Life! - Introduction and Overview
  • Creating - Your Direction and Choices
  • Positive - Research Support for Health and Well-Being
  • Self-Stress or Self-Nurturing? 
  • Integrating Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
  • How Can You Support Yourself Daily?

Living a Positive Life Regardless
  • It is possible to have a positive life while experiencing an extended physical condition or illness.  We can alleviate it when possible.  We can also bring our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects in alignment with our life as it is - embracing all without resisting any part of it.
  • Participants explore the idea that they are not just an illness, not just a physical body.  They can transcend the illness and look at ways of regaining their spirit and meaning in life again, regardless of their physical experience.

Embracing Change

  • How do you view change?
  • Obstacles to flowing with change
  • How can we receive the benefit from changes that occur?
  • Making lemonade out of that lemon!

Do You Support Your Body
So Your Body Can Support You?

  • Physical support - How do you treat your body?
  • What do we expect our body to do for us?
  • Establishing a positive relationship with your body
  • Nurturing yourself (going beyond stress-relief)

Are You Encouraging Yourself
or Discouraging Yourself?

  • Your self-talk - What do you learn from it?
  • What do you focus on?
  • How does it affect you physically?
  • Learn ways to support and nurture yourself in daily activities.

Spirituality - What Is It? 
What Keeps Us Going Every Day?

  • Our values, beliefs, goals
  • Our center, our enthusiasm and spirit, our soul - however we recognize it.
  • Ways to develop and experience spirituality

What Upsets Me About This?

Recognizing what upsets us in relationships can help prevent problems.
  • Our rules and expectations for ourselves and others.
  • Giving up the need to be right.
  • Taking responsibility for our feelings.

Prevent Verbal Pollution - Let's Say It Positively!

  • Expressing displeasure in a more positive way: for less negativity, for more positive self-energy, for communicating with others.

Nurturing Ourselves After a Loss

  • Ways to comfort, support and encourage ourselves.

Giving and Receiving Love
  • What blocks us from giving and receiving love?
  • What enhances our receiving love  - from ourselves and others?

Acceptance - A Great Stress-Buster

  • Explore ways to keep our energy moving forward, instead of being stuck in resistance.
  • Includes acceptance of ourselves, others and situations in our lives.

Forgiving Ourselves

  • What makes it hard to forgive ourself?
  • Do we think we have to be perfect in all things?
  • Do we think we're awful if we make a mistake?
  • Explore self-forgiveness and self-appreciation.

Control and Relationships - OUCH!

  • How do you give away your personal power to others?
  • Do we manipulate and control others?
  • What are positive alternatives?

Stressed about the Holidays?

Where does the stress come from?
  • Relationships
  • Expectations
  • Demands on time?
Explore ways to de-stress the Holidays and nurture yourself!!


Healing Effects of Sound and Music

Brief Overview
  • Historical Perspective
  • How It 'Works'
  • Current Uses in Medical Field

   Main Focus
  •  Applications for You
  •  Experiential Exercises
  •  Link to Spirituality?

As part of the Creating Your Positive Life! series, this presentation
is intended as informational, awareness-raising and enjoyable.  (It does not include music therapy.)

The format is generally a two hour workshop, depending on the scope of the topic explored and the number of experiential activities.