Creating Your Positive Life!, LLC
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Special Introductory Rate

$25 for an hour 
in Mt. Airy office
(available for first two sessions until September 20, 2019)


Heart-Centered Counseling
Spiritual Counseling


Training in Keys for 
Creating a Positive Life

Love is the nature of our center, our soul.


View yourself and your life 
through the eyes of Love and Compassion 
instead of judgments and criticisms.


How can you experience anyone's love,
- your own, others' or God's -
if you criticize and judge yourself or others,
  worry about the past or the future, 

or hold onto unforgiving positions?

Integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
aspects of your life.


A free introductory 30-minute phone informational consultation 


Call (484) 416-3828 for information, appointments

or e-mail
Creating Your Positive Life!, LLC

Individual counseling services available for the Philadelphia, PA area in Mt. Airy-Philadelphia.


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