Creating Your Positive Life!, LLC
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Background and My Perspectives

Jan Collins, M.Ed.




With a diverse background, Jan can provide a broad perspective for many issues.

She is completing the written requirements for a Doctor of Spiritual Science Degree and has a Master of Education in Counselor Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Also, she facilitated classes for the Stanford University-developed Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for Philadelphia Corporation for Aging on a volunteer basis for four years.   Jan is an ordained minister with an ecumenical, non-denominational church.

Energy work training includes Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Neuro-Emotive Technique (N.E.T.), Cranio-sacral and Polarity.  Jan also has a Certificate in Spirituality, Health and Healing. 

She has given presentations of Creating Your Positive Life! and Healing Effects of Sound and Music at Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, Weaver's Way, Robert Wood Johnson University Wellness Center, wellness fairs,
radio talk shows, libraries, civic groups, support groups, assisted living centers, fitness centers and at Anderson House, a facility for recovery from substance addictions.

For several years, Jan worked in business and educational settings. She has served on advisory boards for Somerset County Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center, and completed the Leadership Somerset program in New Jersey.



My Perspectives

My approach and beliefs come from a blending of my training, experiences and personal learnings.  I offer the services as resources and options, not as being the 'right' way or the only way to accomplish something.  They are based on learnings and experiences that I have found very helpful throughout my own life journey.  I share them with you for you to check out for yourself to see if they are helpful to you.

Integration means that all aspects of a person's life - physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual - are aligned for the same direction and purpose. All these aspects affect our well-being and are interconnected.  Integrating all those aspects for our spiritual expression is my focus for the Doctorate in Spiritual Science.  

My perspective is that our spirituality is who we are -
 our spirit, our center, our energy, our life force, our soul.  It's how we connect with and express our loving nature, and can guide us to the vision or purpose we have for our life.  I see love as the heart of spirituality.  

It can also be viewed as that which keeps us going every day, that which uplifts us and gives purpose to our living - our spirit, our center, our soul - by whatever name we view it.  Spirituality can flow from beliefs, philosophies, causes, relationships, connection with nature or the arts, universal love, cosmos, a divine source.

I view each person with respect and dignity, and see our work together as a step toward assisting each on the path to further individual growth.  The intention for my work is for the highest good of all concerned, through a loving Divine Source/God.  From my perspective, any benefit experienced is from this Divine Source; I am just the vehicle for it to be conveyed.

I think we are 'all in this together' in this world, with more similarities than differences, and that it makes sense to approach living together from Universal Love, whether from a Divine Source or from a personal sense of wanting to be part of the positive movement of the world.

In the Light for the highest good of all


A Special Kind of Forgiveness

Click on left arrow for audio - about 17 minutes.


By focusing on our positive, loving abilities, we can connect with our personal center - a source of great strength and peace.  From that center, we can also experience a connection with others, and positive universal energy - by whatever name  - Higher Power, Spirit, Cosmos, Universal Love, God.

Self-criticism and all forms of negativity, toward ourself or others, can put us out of balance and block our awareness of that experience.  A key is removing and releasing those blocks, and strengthening our connection to that inner strength and source.  An affirmation that I have found helps to release tension is "I accept, love and appreciate myself for who I am, what I am and where I am in my life right now."

The self-love I refer to is positive and affirming, for the highest good of all concerned.  It is not negating of ourself or anyone else.  It does not say that I am better than others, nor that I am worse than others.  This self-love affirms that, just like all others, I do have a place as a participant in this world community, as a child of God - by whatever way we recognize it.

Our center is our loving nature.  Letting that loving guide us in our daily activities keeps us connected to our center.  Learning to make choices from that center helps us stay balanced on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.